28 novembre 2005

Thunderbird sous MacOSX à la main

Thunderbird plante pour accéder à un sous répertoire de votre boîte à courriel (trop volumineux):
  • Navigate to ~/Library: Thunderbird: Profiles: your_profile: Mail: Local Folders. Identify the mailboxes you seek to remove.
  • Each mailbox has three pieces to it - i.e. inbox.sbd, inbox.msf and inbox with no extension.
  • Take the file with no extension, backup it if needed. Then remove it - i.e. rm inbox.
  • Create an empty version of this box - i.e touch inbox.

25 novembre 2005

Routes statiques permanentes sous Debian

The correct way to add a static route in a GNU/Linux Debian Sarge is in /etc/network/interfaces as an up command.
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
up "/sbin/route add -net netmask gw"
down "/sbin/route del -net netmask gw"

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