29 décembre 2009

meilleures applications pour android





28 décembre 2009

wifi siemens facile

You may try
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo modprobe acer-wmi

wireless on Fujitsu siemens laptop

Re: wireless on Fujitsu seimens Amilo Li 1718 with ubuntu 9.10
Ok so wireless is working on my laptop and I'm a happy bunny. For any one who ends up here having the same problems these are the steps I used to get it up and running

1. I followed the steps outlined by Momo in this txt file


2. Downloaded and installed Acerhk GUI and followed its steps to load acerhk.ko which was incredibly simple because it does it automaticaly

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem. Just as a little bonus my laptop is 10 degrees cooler at least while running which means it will have a longer life expectancy.

15 décembre 2009