24 octobre 2010

Gnome theme on XP


18 octobre 2010

Post install virtualbox_bin sous archlinux

==> Add your user to the vboxusers group:
==> # gpasswd -a USERNAME vboxusers
==> You must load vboxdrv module before starting VirtualBox:
==> # modprobe vboxdrv
==> You must load vboxnetflt for Host Interface Networking:
==> # modprobe vboxnetflt
==> You must load vboxnetadp for Host-Only networking:
==> # modprobe vboxnetadp
==> To load it automatically, add vboxdrv module to the "MODULES" array
==> "/etc/rc.conf".
==> Run `/etc/rc.d/vboxdrv setup` as root every time your kernel is
==> upgraded, to compile the module for the new kernel version.
==> If USB does not work for you out-of-the-box, add the following line
==> to "/etc/fstab":
==> "none /proc/bus/usb usbfs auto,busgid=108,busmode=0775,devgid=108,devmode=0664 0 0"

Dépendances optionnelles pour virtualbox_bin
qt: for GUI support
sdl: for VBoxSDL and GUI support
mesa: for OpenGL support
libgl: for shared OpenGL support
libxt: for shared clipboard support
alsa-lib: for ALSA support
pulseaudio: for PulseAudio support
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12 octobre 2010

installation automatique archlinux


sopcast howto

==> A simple example of sp-sc command line:
==> ./sp-sc sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/6098 3908 8908 > /dev/null &
==> Start to transfer channel 6098, and you can play it on 8908 with VLC or mplayer
==> by open the url: http://localhost:8908/tv.asf